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From our taps to your glass

Beer is our passion

With over 100 drafts on tap, it’s no surprise how serious we are about our brews. We’re on top of what’s trending, with respect for the classics, and have a customized beer menu at every location. We’re always searching for the latest and greatest brews from around the corner and around the world to share. Every visit to Yard House is a chance to experience something new, or enjoy your favorite. Beer aficionados and casual enthusiasts alike, welcome.

Our keg room


Our glass-enclosed keg room is the pulse of the operation. Each keg room houses as much as 3,000 gallons of beer kept at an ideal 36-38 degrees and delivered to our center island bar through five miles of individual beer lines stretching overhead.


It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Our beer experts help keep our extensive beer menu current and exciting by updating, revising and refreshing the selections at each location multiple times throughout the year.

They rate and review hundreds of beers to ensure only the highest quality brews make the cut. The result is an exclusive, curated menu that’s truly representative of the best local beer.

The entire process takes about four months, but having a customized menu to offer our guests is worth every minute.

Our flights let you try smaller servings of different beers representing a variety of flavor profiles. Our beer experts have created several unique Six-Pack Flights or you can build your own Four-Pack Flight.

Six-Pack Flights


Our Belgian Six-Pack offers a range of styles from light and approachable to dark and complex, and occasionally features drafts new to the U.S.*


Our Local Six-Pack features a variety of beers that are regional favorites.


Our Yard House Six-Pack features our unique Honey Blonde, Golden Pilsner, White Ale, IPA, Belgian Golden and Belgian Amber Tripel beers.

*Belgian Six-Pack is not available at Chino Hills, CA.

Build your own
Four-Pack Flight

Select four of your favorites from 100+ beers on tap to customize your perfect pack.

Yard House glasses: The four pack, the six pack, pint, goblet, 23oz, and half-yard.
Yard House is proud to own a proprietary automated line-cleaning system

Beer Care

Serving the best possible beer starts with proper equipment, and we strive to ensure our equipment and lines are always ready to serve up another perfect pint. Yard House utilizes several industry-leading practices to keep our lines full of fresh beer, including an in-line water cleaning system used to flush our lines between each keg, helping to keep our lines clean and clear and the beers super fresh. We also have Beer Line Maintenance units installed on each individual beer line to help prevent the accumulation of yeast.