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The beer at Yard House Restaurants


Beer is our passion. We're on top of what's trending, with respect for the classics, and have customized a menu of more than 100 offerings on tap along with an ever-changing chalkboard of the latest and greatest brews from around the corner and around the world. Every visit to Yard House is a chance to experience something new, or to enjoy your favorite. Beer aficionados and casual enthusiasts alike, welcome.

The glass enclosed keg rooms at Yard House


Our glass-enclosed keg room is the pulse of the operation. Each keg room houses as much as 4,000 gallons of beer kept at an ideal 36-38 degrees, and delivered to our island bar through five miles of individual beer lines stretching overhead. Every draught is fresh and perfectly chilled.


It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. At Yard House, we employ beer experts to help us keep our extensive beer menu current and exciting – updating, revising, and refreshing the selections at each location every year.

They start by talking with our guests and team managers to learn first-hand which beers are favorites, which are less so, and which brews they'd like to see added to the menu. They then review and rate hundreds of beers, spanning a wide variety of styles, from local breweries and breweries from far and wide. Ultimately, they choose 20 or more new beers to replace the least popular selections in each region.

The entire process takes about three months, and demonstrates just how seriously we take our commitment to quality and selection. But having a customized, hyper-stylized menu to offer our guests is worth every minute.


In addition to crafting a robust beer menu for each Yard House location, our beer experts also create three unique Six Pack Samplers. These give our guests an opportunity to try six smaller servings of different beers representing a variety of flavor profiles.


Our Belgian sampler is updated once a year to offer a range of styles from light and approachable to dark and complex, and sometimes features brands that have never before been served on draft in the United States.


Our Local sampler is also updated once a year, and features a variety of beers that are local to your Yard House location.


Our Traditional sampler is updated weekly to reflect what's trending locally.

If you have a different combination in mind, you can BUILD YOUR OWN 4-PACK SAMPLER. Select your favorites from our 100+ beers on tap to customize your perfect pack.

Find what's on tap now at Yard House Restaurants


At Yard House, you'll discover beers from around the block and around the world. But you'll also find beers produced exclusively for Yard House. We've partnered with Uinta Brewing Company in Salt Lake City, Utah to create our House Honey Blonde, House White Ale, and our House IPA – each one crafted to be among the finest in that individual style. And our partnership with Brasserie de Silly in Belgium has produced our House Belgian Amber Tripel – a rich, malty, complex, authentic Belgian Ale. We're extremely proud to offer our guests exceptional, custom-crafted beer they can only experience at Yard House.


The Chalkboard Series is a rotating selection of draft beers selected each month offering some of the most unique and complex local, domestic and imported beers around. These brands are some of the more hard to find limited and seasonal offerings available and showcase the best of what these breweries make. All Chalkboard rotating taps are posted in the restaurants and on our website in real-time, but quantities are limited so when we're out we're out!

Our Chalkboard Series has also featured many ultra-rare beers, such as Founders KBS, Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA and Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. We have a few surprises brewing so check back soon to see what's on tap.

In addition to our Chalkboard Series, we offer a year round rotating Seasonal Series as well. These beers reflect the flavors of the season, and can range from a citrusy Session IPA in the summer to a pumpkin beer or Marzen in the fall.

Yard House glasses: The six pack, shorty, pint, goblet, and half-yard
Yard House is proud to own a proprietary automated line-cleaning system

Beer Care

Yard House utilizes several industry leading practices to keep our lines full of fresh beer. We start with an in-line water cleaning system used to flush our lines between each keg helping to keep our lines clean and clear and the beers super fresh. All locations also have professional line cleaners come in regularly for a more thorough cleansing. We also have BLM or Beer Line Maintenance units installed on each individual beer line. These BLM units emit a sonic pulse varying in frequency that creates a hostile environment inside the line where yeast is less likely to accumulate.Serving the best possible tasting beer starts with proper equipment and quality is the most important factor to this end. We strive every day to ensure that all of our equipment and lines are set to serve up another perfect pint.